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Adam Cameron in 1992.

Adam Cameron was a series regular from June 1989 (Episode 338) to March 1994 (Episode 1413). He returned as a guest in 1999, bowing out in Episode 2702. Although he was a good-natured guy who could have done well for himself, his inherent laziness and desire to make a quick buck worked against him. His closest friends in town were Matt Wilson and later, Blake Dean. He is probably best known for accidentally killing Bobby Marshall in a boat crash in 1993. Adam was played by Mat Stevenson.


Adam Cameron was born in 1969, the son of Ian and Bridget Cameron. By the time Adam arrived in Summer Bay in 1989, both his parents had died. He inherited their estate and with that money, he bought a yacht. His plan was to sail around the world in it. He made the mistake of mooring in Australia's most dangerous town though and soon his yacht was history.

1989-1994, 1999

Adam Cameron.

Because of his layabout nature and inability to resist a scam, Adam was never particularly liked or trusted by any of the residents of Summer Bay. Almost always broke, the nearest he got to a steady job was his time working as a mechanic in Michael Ross's Boatshed (1991). Michael later became an unlikely ally when Adam accidentally killed Bobby Marshall in a speedboat accident and was ostracised by the locals.

Adam briefly went out with Carly Morris, Emma Jackson and Marilyn Chambers. Not all at the same time! Although his relationship with Marilyn ended in early 1991, the pair remained close friends.

In August 1993, Adam took Bobby Marshall and Luke Cunningham for a trip on a speedboat around the bay. Because he was going too fast and not paying enough attention, the boat hit a log and launched Bobby into the water. She was killed in the accident and Adam was charged with manslaughter. This made him persona non grata with most of the residents of Summer Bay and he was all but ostracised from town. Michael Ross took pity on him and allowed him to stay in one of the caravans in the caravan park. He later was fined $2,000 for his part in the accident. Donald Fisher was furious at this, saying it would never bring Bobby back. Shortly afterwards, Adam saved Bobby's foster son Sam Marshall from a fire. Seeing this as a signal that he had balanced the books, he moved away from Summer Bay.

Five years later, Adam returned to Summer Bay as the new manager of The Bonza Burger Kiosk in the Surf Club. He hadn't mellowed with age at all - in fact he had become a less pleasant character. He began to throw his weight around, including threatening to sack Sally Fletcher. He became involved in a feud with Sally's then-boyfriend Vinnie Patterson. To nobody's regret, Adam was transferred to another Bonza Burger chain away from Summer Bay. He hasn't returned to the area since then.

Memorable info

Birthday: 1969

Full Name: Adam Cameron

First Line: "You should never leave your keys in the ignition, fellas...She's got a bit of power, how about I back it into a brick wall for ya?" (to Revhead, as Adam steals his car to stop the gang harassing Roo Stewart)

Last Line: "That does it. You wanna speak to me, you know what van I'm in. But you'd better make it soon, cause I'm outta here. I've got a conference to go to." (to Joel)


Parents: Ian and Bridget Cameron (deceased)

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