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Alan Fisher, son of Donald Fisher, in 1988

Alan Donald Fisher was a character in Home And Away who first appeared in Episode 121 (4 July 1988) and last appeared in a flashback scene in Episode 164 (1 September 1988). Alan was played by Simon Kay.


Alan Fisher
Character Profile
Birthday: 1970 - 26 August 1988 (age 17, aneurysm)
Birthplace: Summer Bay, NSW, Australia
Father: Donald Fisher
Mother: Barbara Fisher
Siblings: Bobby Simpson (half)
Byron Fisher (half)
Rebecca Fisher
Spouse: N/A
Children: Seb Miller (1985)
Occupation: Student
Played By: Simon Kay


Alan Donald Fisher was born in 1970 to Donald and Barbara Fisher (nee Stewart), whose brother Alf Stewart was a businessman of Summer Bay. He had a brief fling in 1985 with a girl called Anna Miller and got her pregnant. Anna gave birth to a son Seb Miller later that year. Alan never knew his son.


Alan Fisher turned up in Summer Bay in July 1988 to see his mother Barbara.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: 1970

Died: 26th August 1988 (Brain aneurysm [1])

Full Name: Alan Donald Fisher


Father Donald Fisher

Mother Barbara Fisher

Siblings Rebecca Nash (full), Bobby Marshall (Half, same father), Byron Fisher (half, same father)

Grandfathers R.J. Fisher, Gordon Stewart

Grandmothers Sarah Jane Stewart, Isobel DuPre

Children Seb Miller (1985)

Aunts/Uncles Celia Stewart, Alf Stewart, Morag BellinghamDebra StewartColleen Smart (Half), Clive Fisher, Mary Croft

Great aunts/Uncles Sophie

Cousins Bobby Marshall, Duncan Stewart, Owen Dalby, Quinn Jackson (full, they share 2 grandparents) Lance Smart (Half, share 1 grandparent which is Gordon Stewart)


1988 Total: 23 appearances

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