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Ben Unwin

Ben Unwin (15 August 1977 – 14 August 2019) played Jesse McGregor between 1996 and 2005.


Ben Denis Unwin was born and raised in Sydney . He began acting at a young age. Aged just 12, he played one of the leads in the musical "Seven Little Australians" during its year long run at the Footbridge Theatre. In 1991 he appeared in an episode of Eggshells and a year later, in an episode of GP.[1]

He first appeared on Home and Away in 1993, playing an admirer of Sarah Thompson's during one episode. In 1995 he returned, credited as Brat or Taunt. He made his first appearance as Jesse McGregor in May 1996 and remained on the show until the end of 1999. He reprised the role between 2002-2005. The character of Jesse was written especially for him after he had auditioned but failed to land a different part.

Ben decided to change career and began a law degree in 2005. After qualifying, he worked as a senior solicitor[2] Sadly, in August 2019 he took his own life.[3]