Bert King was a recurring chara
H&a origgie bert king

The original Bert King, played by Kevin Healy. in 1988

cter in Home And Away from Episode 78 (4 May 1988) to Ep 2256 (6 Oct 1997). He was the father of Pippa Ross. In 1988 Bert was played by Kevin Healy and in 1995 and 1997 was played by Peter Collingwood.



Bert King was born in about 1920 in Australia. He served in WW2. He met and married Coral (Jessica Noad) circa 1945. They had 2 children, Danny King in 1946 and Pippa King in September 1950. Bert one time spent time in prison.


H&a bertie king

Bert King in 1995, played by Peter Collingwood.

Bert King and his wife Coral turned up at the hospital when they got news that Danny had tried to kill himself. By then Bert was about 65 years of age and was bald but the bit of hair round the back was still dark.

Bert returned in 1995, now in his 70s, after Coral died.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: Unknown, about 1920

Full Name: Albert, Herbert or Hubert King

Bert's age has never been explicitly stated but it was said that his son Danny was 20 in 1966 so born 1945/1946. This means Bert was probably born prior to 1925. The second actor to play the role, Peter Collingwood was born in 1920 and Kevin Healy, the previous actor's DOB is 1922. Bert did say he fought as a soldier in WW2.


Spouse Coral King (c1945-1995)

Children Danny King (c1946), Pippa King (1950)

Grandchildren Christopher Fletcher, Dale Ross