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Bevan Lee.

Bevan Lee (born in 1950, Western Australia), is a Australian screenwriter and script editor who worked as an original crew member on Home And Away. He wrote the pilot episode and continued writing for the show until 2008 when he became script editor.

Pre Home And AwayEdit

Bevan Lee is a noted scriptwriter and executive of many a serial, and his early career in scriptwriting was when he worked as a script producer and writer on soap opera Sons And Daughters, he has worked on the hit drama's Packed to the Rafters and A Place To Call Home

Home And Away (1987-2011)Edit

After S&D ended Bevan started work on Home And Away. Alan Bateman, the shows creator asked Bevan to write the pilot script for the new show. Bevan said the show had been in its development stages for over 2 years by the time he came on board in 1987. Even though H&A was originally created by Alan Bateman, Bevan Lee and John Holmes were responsible for the hands on creation and getting the show off the ground. Bevan was then appointed as Series Script Editor and he also went on to continue writing scripts for Home And Away at the same time as working on other shows such as All Saints and Always Greener.

Bevan left Home And Away altogether in 2011.

After Home And AwayEdit

Episodes written by Bevan LeeEdit