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As Gary Samuels (1988)

Darius Anton Perkins (28 October 1964 - 2 January 2019)[1] was an actor who appeared on both Home and Away and Neighbours. In 1988 he played creepy Gary Samuels and got to join the dubious list of Home and Away Deaths since 1988. He was also known for being the original Scott Robinson on Neighbours back in 1985.

His death from cancer was announced by his sister-in-law in 2019.

Pre Home And Away career

Scott Robinson on Neighbours (1985)

Darius began acting at primary school and his drama teacher was none other than Val Lehman (Queen Bea Smith in Prisoner). He made his TV debut in 1976 on The Sullivans. In the following years he appeared in All The Green Years, Cop Shop, Prisoner, A Country Practice, Carson's Law and The Flying Doctors. In 1983 he won a Logie Award for Best Juvenile Performance for his role as Ben in the miniseries All the Rivers Run.

In 1985 he was cast as Scott Robinson on Neighbours and made around 90 appearances. He left the show towards the end of the year, with Jason Donovan taking over the role. Stories differ as to why he left Neighbours. There were allegations that the producers let him go because of drug-related issues and lack of punctuality on set. Darius claimed that the producers wanted him to stay and that the show's move to Network 10 meant that his contract was null and void. He had other plans and wanted to move on[2]. Whatever the truth is, we know that Jason Donovan went on to become a household name. Darius's career more or less stalled, leading him to work as a picture framer for a while.

Home And Away

Darius played the brief but memorable character Gary Samuels for 6 weeks in 1988. He was the younger brother of school teacher Jeff Samuels and had a family secret to hide. He accidentally killed himself when he took a tumble off a seaside cliff.

After Home And Away

Back on Neighbours in 2013

Darius's TV and film acting work largely dried up after leaving Home and Away. He had one more film role, in 1991's Ratbag Hero and another guest appearance on A Country Practice. He worked behind the scenes on the TV series Crashburn (2003) and Storm Warning (2007). He also art directed two Bollywood movies shot in Australia.

In 2013 he made a surprise return to Neighbours and appeared in seven episodes towards the end of the year and into the following one. This time, he played Marty Kranic who was a dodgy business associate of Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis). Back in 1985, Stefan Dennis had played Darius's on-screen brother. This being the wonderful land of soapies, nobody batted an eyelid.


Darius died from cancer in 2019, aged just 54. Before his death, a GoFundMe had been organised[3]. Tributes were paid to him after his death, including one from Neighbours co-star David Clencie who had played Danny Ramsay for many years "I am so sad, really devastated to lose my mate. "We had this incredible bond. We were mates to the very end."[4]