H&a ep 17

Donald Fisher has Bobby Simpson in the headmasters office. He has the police on their way. Bobby says she came back for a textbook and the graffiti was alreayd there. Celia Stewart is singing, badly. Tom Fletcher and Pippa Fletcher laugh about her singing later on. Bobby comes in, in a mood. Carly Morris confronts Bobby about the graffiti. Bobby says she did not do it. She says the police are doing a fingerprint check. Frank Morgan and Roo Stewart share a kiss that night outside Alf Stewart's house. The next morning, Frank and Roo spend time on the beach. They kiss. At Summer Bay High School, Don tells Bobby she is to be charged with vandalism. Lynn Davenport is sure that Bobby is innocent. Lynn admits she did it. Don says she is just trying to save Bobby. Don gets a phone call and has to go. He tells them both to wait in the office. Bobby says she did do it. She does not want Lynn to take the rap for her. Ailsa Hogan says that Celia is the biggest gossip in Summer Bay. Lynn tells Pippa she vandalised the lockers with graffiti. Pippa tears her off a strip, saying she could get expelled, but she then softens and comforts a crying Lynn. Frank is singing while sweeping up The Bait Shop. Tom and Celia try and say that Nico is innocent and he did not harm her while she was hiding out at his place. Don tells them that Lynn just admitted to vandalising the lockers. Back at Summer Bay House, Tom is on the warpath and wants to speak to Lynn. Pippa has something important to tell him. She is pregnant.


Main cast

Guest cast

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Writer - Bevan Lee

Series Producer - John Holmes

Exec Producer - Alan Bateman

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