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Fiona Harris.

Fiona Harris was a character in Home And Away in 1993, for 21 episodes. Single mother Fiona Harris arrives in Summer Bay as Donald Fisher's housekeeper. She has an affair with Greg Marshall, which puts his marriage to Bobby Marshall in jeopardy. When the affair is exposed, Fiona leaves the Bay. Fiona was played by Olivia Pigeot.




In May 1993, Fiona was the housekeeper of Greg Marshall. She became close to him and he could not resist temptation. The affair threatened to jeapordise his marriage. In the end the affair came out and Fiona decided to leave Summer Bay in July 1993. Bobby soon forgave Greg but she died in a boating accident soon after. Fiona had cut all ties with Summer Bay by then and never returned to try and reclaim Greg.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: About 1970

Full Name: Fiona Harris

Occupation: Housekeeper


Children - Toby Harris