Haydn Ross was a character from October 1990 (Episode 658) to September 1991 (Episode 857), with guest appearances in 1994 and 1996. His final appearance was in Episode 1988. He was played by Andrew Hill, now know as Charlton Hill.


Haydn Ross
Character Profile
Birthday: c. 1974
Birthplace: Australia
Father: Michael Ross
Mother: Cynthia Ross
Siblings: Kate Ross
Dale Ross (half)
Spouse: None
Children: None
Occupation: Student
Boat shed worker
Played By: Andrew Hill


Haydn was the older of two children Michael Ross had with his first wife Cynthia. His comfortable, privileged life came to a screeching halt when his father's marina went bust and Cynthia walked out on her husband. Haydn had been going to an expensive private school but had to leave when his father could no longer afford the fees.


When his mother headed off to Switzerland with his sister, Haydn came to Summer Bay to live with his father. At the beginning, he was angry and resentful at what has happened to him. He behaved like a spoiled brat, annoying not only Michael but Blake, Karen and Sophie. After that rocky start and a chat with Grant Mitchell, he changed his attitude. He landed the lead role in the school Christmas play - a modern-day retelling of Romeo and Juliet. Almost from when they first met, there was romantic tension between him and Sophie. After their on-stage performance as Romeo and Juliet, they became an item. Even though Sophie had been Blake's girlfriend until then, the two lads decided to let bygones be bygones. They became good mates and remained so right up until Haydn left Summer Bay.

Haydn found it difficult to accept that his parents had split up for good. When his mother Cynthia arrived in Summer Bay hoping to get back with Michael, he tried to get them together by going missing in the bush. Even though he fell down a mineshaft (not in his original plan!), his attempt at matchmaking didn't quite work out. His parents realised their attempted reconciliation wasn't going to work and they decided to stay split. Within a few short months, his father married Pippa Fletcher.

After Michael married Pippa, Haydn moved into Summer Bay House. Shortly afterwards, he and Sophie realised that their relationship had changed. Instead of acting like boyfriend and girlfriend, they were more like brother and sister. They split up, much to the quiet relief of Pippa and Michael. He had an almost-romance with Marilyn, helping her to redecorate the Beach House and taking her to a classical music concert.

Haydn's relationship with his father had improved greatly but it all went wrong when the awful Lois Crawford became headmistress of Summer Bay High. She convinced Michael that Blake was responsible for Haydn's grades slipping. Michael tried to stop Haydn and Blake hanging around but all it did was cause a rift with Alf and with his son. He eventually got sick of it and in Episode 857, he snuck away and returned to live with his mother. The relationship with his dad was so badly broken at this stage, he refused to even talk to Michael. They didn't speak for another two years.

Haydn ross 1994

Haydn (1994)

Out of the blue, Haydn returned to Summer Bay in March 1994 (Episode 1418). In the beginning, it looked like he wanted to rebuild his relationship with Michael. He had completed his first year at university at this stage but had dropped out for some reason. He told Michael he wanted to hang around Summer Bay for a while and had decided he would like to set up a surf shop locally. Only problem was, he didn't have the money to make it a reality. Money was too tight for Michael to help out personally and Pippa was opposed to them involving the Caravan Park in the business plan. Surprisingly, Donald Fisher decided to step in personally and be the guarantor. So far so good, eh? Except it wasn't. It turned out that Haydn had developed an addiction to gambling on horse racing and wasn't very good at it. He had run up enormous debts and some heavies were on his tail. The surf shop was a ploy to get money out of his dad. As soon as the loan money came through from the bank, Haydn cleaned out the bank account and sneaked away. It wasn't just Michael who was left to suffer the consequences of his actions. He had begun to date Finlay Roberts (played by his then real-life girlfriend Tina Thomsen) and they really liked each other.

Michael managed to track Haydn down in the city and found out exactly what was going on. He brought him back to Summer Bay to rebuild his life but it didn't work out. Haydn struggled to deal with his gambling problems and left again. As a result of Haydn's gambling, Michael nearly lost the Boatshed and Finlay was left heartbroken. It also played its part in Pippa and Michael's temporary marriage split later that year.

When Michael drowned two years later, Haydn returned for the funeral. Understandably, Pippa was initially hostile to him but eventually forgave him. He had managed to kick his gambling habit in the meantime and gave her back half of the money he had stolen. After first rejecting it, she finally accepted it. He took a shine to Marilyn whose relationship with Don had temporarily hit the buffers. He had had a crush on her when he was 16 and now that he was older, he got to act on it. He dated her briefly but then left to take a job on an oil rig. When he later returned to see her again, it turned out he had a pregnant girlfriend elsewhere.

Memorable infoEdit

First Line: "Not bad...well I'd prefer to travel Qantas." (to Michael, when he asks Haydn how his bus journey was)


Father Michael Ross

Mother Cynthia Ross

Siblings Kate Ross, Christopher Fletcher (adoptive), Dale Ross (half, same father)

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