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Heath Braxton.

Heath Braxton was a character in Home And Away who first appeared in Ep 5233 (16 Feb 2011). He was the second eldest of the troublesome Braxton brothers. Heath left in 2014, and returned briefly in Episode 6057 (23 Sep 2014) for the funeral of his brother Casey Braxton. Heath was played by Dan Ewing.



Heath Braxton was born in 1985, the second son of Danny Braxton and Cheryl Braxton. Heath grew up in Mangrove River. Heath and his 2 brothers Darryl Braxton and Casey Braxton dabbled in crime and formed a surf gang called The River Boys. In 2001, aged 16, Heath had a relationship with Tegan Callahan and had a daughter Darcy Callahan.


Heath and his siblings arrived in Summer Bay in February 2011. Heath began harassing Colleen Smart in the Diner. He kidnaps Dexter Walker for photographing him in secret. Heath carries on dealing drugs.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: 1985

Full Name: Heath Braxton


Father Danny Braxton

Mother Cheryl Braxton

Siblings Darryl Braxton (full), Casey Braxton (half, same mother), Kyle Braxton (half, same father)

Spouse Bianca Scott (wife)

Children Darcy Callahan, Rocco Scott-Braxton, Harley Braxton or Lockwood