H&a bozza vs alison

Original character Bobby Simpson with rival Alison Patterson in 1988.

On the 17th January 2018, Australia's most iconic soap, Home And Away, turned 3 decades old. The 30th anniversary of Home And Away is finally here. No episode was shown on the shows 30th birthday on the 17th January 2018 as the show is still on its Christmas/New Year break and the 2018 season returns on the 29th January. The show was first thought of in around 1985, at the same time its rival Neighbours was airing on Channel 7 in Australia.

This means H&A is over 30 years old in terms of pre televised history. Creator Alan Bateman liked to plan 3 years ahead to work on a pilot episode. As of January 2018 it was 33 years since the basic premise of the show was first thought out.

30th anniversary, January 2018

Quinn Jackson, the illegitimate daughter of Alf Stewart will return with her son, probably as part of the 30th anniversary. Sharyn Hodgson, who played Carly Morris, has not ruled out a return to the show for the milestone birthday.

Fans have expressed a return for characters like Donald Fisher, Sally Fletcher and even a return from the dead of Vinnie Patterson.

Hopefully one day old H&A episodes will be relased on DVD.