2002 was H&A's 15th season and 16th year in production.
H&a 2000 titles

Opening title caption used throughout 2002.

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Main charactersEdit

New Main Character Arrivals

  • Max Sutherland (January)
  • Kane Phillips (May)
  • Angie Russell (September)

Departures of Main Characters

  • Gypsy Nash (February)
  • Vinnie Patterson (March)
  • Celia Stewart (June)
  • Shauna Bradley (July)
  • Kane Phillips (July)
  • Jude Lawson (August)
  • Charlotte Adams (September)
  • Will Smith (September)
  • Brodie Hanson (November)
  • Sophie Simpson (November)

Main Character Returns

  • Celia Stewart (May)
  • Frank Morgan (May)
  • Lance Smart (May)
  • Steven Matheson (May)
  • Blake Dean (May)
  • Carly Lucini (May)
  • Martin Dibble (May)
  • Sophie Simpson (May)
  • Pippa Ross (May)
  • Floss McPhee (May)
  • Sam Marshall (May)
  • Matt Wilson (May)
  • Shauna Bradley (June)
  • Jesse McGregor (August)
  • Morag Bellingham (October)

Minor charactersEdit

Who Lived Where?Edit