H&a isobel dupre

Isobel DuPre in 1997

Isobel DuPre was a minor character in Home And Away in 1997. She was the gossipy actress mother of Donald Fisher and his 2 siblings Mary Croft and Clive Fisher. Isobel's husband had died in 1964 and she left her children to fend for themselves. By 1997, Isobel was dying when she arrived in Summer Bay and made peace with her son before returning to Adelaide and then dying that year. Don and his wife Marilyn Fisher did a skydive in memory of Isobel.

Isobel was played by Lorrae Desmond


Isobel DuPre
Character Profile
Birthday: October 1925 - April 1997 (aged 71)
Birthplace: Australia
Father: Mr DuPre
Mother: Mrs DuPre
Siblings: Sophie
Spouse: R.J. Fisher (1944-1964)
Children: Donald Fisher (1945), Mary Croft (c.1946), Clive Fisher (c.1950)
Occupation: Actress
Played By: Lorrae Desmond


Isobel DuPre was born in about 1925. Her surname suggests French ancestry. She married young to R.J. Fisher (Unknown first name) in about 1944. They had a son Donald Fisher in 1945, Mary Fisher in about 1946 and Clive Fisher in about 1950.


In March 1997, aged about 71, Isobel DuPre tracked her son Donald down in Summer Bay. She had not seen him for 33 years. Don was now 52 years of age. Isobel later revealed that she was dying. She never visited her other children, Mary Croft and Clive Fisher. Don made peace with her and she returned to Adelaide. She died soon after.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: 1925

Died: April 1997

Full Name: Isobel DuPre (Later Fisher)

Despite playing mother and son on screen, there was only a 7 year age gap between actors Lorrae Desmond and Norman Coburn. Norman's character Don was 8 years younger than him and Isobel was probably a few years older than Lorrae.


Siblings Sophie

Spouse R.J. Fisher (c1944-1964)

Children Donald Fisher (1945), Mary Fisher (later Croft) (c1946), Clive Fisher (c1950)

Grandchildren David Croft, Lucinda Croft, Alan Fisher, Rebecca Nash, Bobby Marshall, Byron Fisher

Great Grandchildren Tamara Simpson, Seb Miller, Unknown Nash