Jade Sutherland was a character in Home And Away from June 2000 (Episode 2856) to April 2004 (Episode 3730). She is the adopted daughter of Rhys and Shelley Sutherland, and for years assumed she was the twin sister of Kirsty Sutherland. Jade was played by Kate Garven.



Jade was born on the 27th November 1986. There was a busy night at the hospital and there was a mix up, Jade was mistaken for one of the 2 twin girls born to Rhys and Shelley Sutherland. Laura DeGroot was thought to be the daughter of John and Helen DeGroot but was really Rhys and Shelley's while Jade was John and Helen's child. For years Jade thought she was the twin of her beloved sister Kirsty. Jade and Kirsty were very close.


Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: 27th November 1986

Full Name: Jade Sutherland

First Line: "Oh wow, check it out!"


Father John DeGroot

Mother Helen DeGroot

Adoptive Father Rhys Sutherland

Adoptive Mother Shelley Sutherland

Siblings Kirsty Sutherland, Dani Sutherland (both adoptive)

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