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Ken Smith.

Kenneth "Ken" Smith was a character in Home and Away from April 1999 (Episode 2601) to July 2000 (Episode 2885). He also made ghostly appearances as visions to his family over the next four years, with the last occurring at daughter Hayley's wedding in June 2004 (Episode 3773). Ken was played by Anthony Phelan.




Ken first appeared when he turned up unexpectedly at The Beach House to see his son Will and daughter Hayley, who were living there with their foster mother Irene Roberts. He later entered into a relationship with Irene.

Ken died in July 2000 (Episode 2885) when he was crushed to death after the jack slipped from under the car he was working on.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: Unknown

Died: 28th July 2000

Full Name: Kenneth Smith

First Line: "G'day, I was wondering if Hayley and Will were at home?" (to Irene)

Last Line: "I'm very proud of you, son, don't you forget that. It's more than I truly ever dreamed, having you kids back with me...and Irene. Remember you promised me, remember?" (to Will)


Spouse Eve Smith (??-2000)

Children Will Smith (1981), Hayley Smith (1983), Nick Smith (1986)

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