Kyle Braxton (ne Bennett) was a characte
H&a kyzza braxton

Kyle Braxton in 2014.

r in Home And Away and the tearaway half sibling of Darryl Braxton and Heath Braxton. He first appeared in Ep 5578 (8 Aug 2012). He managed the restaurant that the Braxton's own. Like his siblings, Kyle was known to be troublesome but later matured into a respectable man. Upon the departure of his half brother Darryl Braxton in 2015, Kyle was the sole remaining Braxton family member in the show. He was played by Nic Westaway.



Kyle wa born in about 1990, the son of Danny Braxton and a woman whom he had a fling with. Danny was married with 2 children. Kyle never knew he had 2 half siblings as he grew up. Although he never knew that Casey Braxton was not indeed the son of Danny (Oh the complications) and him and Casey were not related at all. But he was still the son of Danny.


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Birthday: About 1990

Full Name: Kyle Braxton


Father Danny Braxton

Mother Unknown

Siblings Darryl Braxton, Heath Braxton (half, same father)

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