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Martha Stewart, played by Belinda Giblin in 2018.

Martha Stewart (née Baldivis) is the wife of Alf Stewart, and mother of Roo Stewart. Martha "died" in 1985 after drowning in a boating accident. Martha appeared in flashbacks to 1970 when Alf read her diary in 1989. Martha was played by Alison Mulvaney in 1989 and by Belinda Giblin since 2018.

In a 1988 episode, a photo of Martha with Alf was seen.



H&a martha stewart

Martha in a photo of her and Alf in about 1984.

Martha Baldivis was born in about 1949 to Jack and Sarah Baldivis. Alf Stewart first met Martha Baldivis when she was 18 and they married soon after in April 1969. They had a daughter Roo, full first name Ruth, in 1970. Roo was their only child.

In 1985 Martha was alleged to have "died", in a boating accident. Surprisingly, she returned to the Bay in 2018 and went looking for Alf and Roo. Alf tells Roo that Martha never drowned in 1985, and is out there somewhere.


Martha returned to Summer Bay and revealed to Alf that she was suffering from a personality disorder. This had led to her faking her own death. Martha being alive during Alf's marriage to Ailsa technically made him a bigamist.

Alf and Martha remarried in February 2020.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: Unknown about 1949

Full Name: Martha Stewart (Nee Baldivis)

Martha's granddaughter Martha MacKenzie was named after her.


Even though she only appeared in flashbacks in Jan 1989, Martha is the character with the longest gap between appearances (6609 episodes).


Father Jack Baldivis

Mother Sarah Baldivis

Spouse Alf Stewart (1969-1985, 2020-present)

Children Roo Stewart (1970)

Grandchildren Martha MacKenzie

Distant relatives Mervin Baldivis

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