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Meg Bowman with Blake in 1992 near the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Meg Bowman was a minor character in Home And Away in 1992. She dated Blake Dean but died of cancer shortly after they fell in love. Meg is one of the most memorable guest characters in the series and her peaceful death at sunset on the beach in Ep 975 (3 Apr 1992), is one of the shows most iconic scenes ever. Meg was played by the late Cathy Godbold.



Meg Bowman was born in about 1975 to Julia Bowman (portrayed by famous Australian iconic pop singer and actress Debra Byrne)


H&a ep 975

Meg dies in Blake's arms.

In January 1992, Meg Bowman arrives in Summer Bay. She and Blake Dean are attracted to each other. Meg's mother tries to warn Blake off. It transpires that Meg is dying of leukaemia and her mum is being over-protective. Despite knowing her days are numbered, Blake continues to see her.

Meg tells Blake she has three wishes to fulfil before she dies: To swim with dolphins, to ride an old-fashioned ship and to make love. Alf Stewart arranges for Blake and Meg to spend a weekend together at a hotel in "The City" where they consummate their relationship but Meg deteriorates rapidly on their return to Summer Bay.

A few days later Meg dies in Blake's arms on the beach as they watch the sun rise. Blake is devastated by her death. He could smell her perfume on his T shirt.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: About 1975

Died: 5th April 1992

Full Name: Megan Jane Bowman

In 2017 when Billie Ashford died of cancer, she died in VJ Patterson's arms at sunset on the beach, which was a nod to the iconic Blake and Meg scene.

In a cruel case of life imitating art, Cathy Godbold died of brain cancer in May 2018, aged just 43 [1]


Mother Julia Bowman

Grandfathers Joe Bowman




  1. Former Home and Away star Cathy Godbold dies aged 43
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