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Sally Fletcher (Kate Ritchie)

Sally Louise Fletcher (nee Copeland, previously Keating) [1] was a character in Home And Away from January 1988 (Pilot Episode) to April 2008 (Episode 4609), followed by a return in 2013, last appearing in Episode 5825. She was one of the first foster children of Tom Fletcher and his wife Pippa., they later adopted her. Sally is regarded as one of the show's most iconic characters ever. Sally was played by dual GOLD LOGIE award winning star Kate Ritchie.


Sally Fletcher
Character Profile
Birthday: February 1979
Birthplace: Australia
Father: Aaron Copeland
Tom Fletcher (adoptive)
Mother: Diana Copeland
Pippa Fletcher (adoptive)
Siblings: Miles Copeland
Christopher Fletcher (adoptive)
Dale Ross (adoptive)
Spouse: Flynn Saunders (2003-2006)
Children: Pippa Saunders (2004)
Occupation: Teacher
Played By: Kate Ritchie


Sally Copeland was born in February 1979 to Aaron and Diana Copeland. She had a twin brother Miles, whom she always called Milco, since she couldn't say "Miles Copeland" as a child. Aaron was a alcoholic who used to beat his children up. Diana eventually left Aaron and she remarried to a Derek Wilson but they were killed in a boating accident. Sally went to live with her grandmother Mrs Keating but she developed Alzheimer's Disease. Sally was soon fostered by Tom and Pippa Fletcher. Sally had an imaginary friend named Milco, whom was later revealed to be her fraternal twin brother, Miles. Aaron and Miles went to find Sally, but after seeing Sally was better off with the Fletcher family, they left.

Several years later, Sally was reunited with Miles. At first, she was skeptical about his story, but she finally realized that they were twins. After almost 20 years of living in Summer Bay, and various jobs as a teacher and as principal of Summer Bay High School, Sally, her daughter Pippa Saunders, and Cassie Turner, a girl she was fostering, moved to Phuket, and later on, Miles would join his twin sister.

1988-2008, 2013Edit

H&a sazza in 1988

Sally in 1988 aged 9.

In January 1988, Sally was scared by the face of Donald Fisher when he welcomed the Fletchers to Summer Bay. Sally was a very mature child for her age. She developed a friendship with Ben McPhee that year. Ben was the grandson of Sally's neighbours Floss and Neville McPhee.

Saly sometimes got taunted at school and lead astray. By 1993 she was 14 years old. She lost her friendship with Gloria James when Sally became friends with the popular schoolchildren. In 1994, she was picked on by her fellow foster sibling Jack Wilson. She retaliated by tying his schoolbag to a table in class. Pippa and Michael had marriage trouble in late 1994 and Michael left. Sally blamed Pippa and ran away from home. She slept rough for a month, sleeping in a house with no roof. In January 1995 she returned home.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: 16 February 1979

Full Name: Sally Louise Fletcher (Nee Copeland)

First Line "What about Milco?" (to Tom)

Last Line "Ah, we went through this last time. You'll always be Mr. Stewart to me."


Father Aaron Copeland

Mother Diana Wilson

Siblings Miles Copeland

Grandmother Mrs Keating

Spouse Flynn Saunders (2003-2006)

Children Pippa Saunders

Uncles Ross Keating

Adoptive Father Tom Fletcher (deceased)

Adoptive Mother Pippa Ross

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