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Seb Miller.

Sebastian "Seb" Miller was a character in Home And Away who first appeared in Ep 3074 (21 Jun 2001) and last appeared in Ep 3728 (28 Apr 2004). He dated Jade Sutherland. He was the lovechild of Alan Fisher, who was the son of High School Principal Donald Fisher. Seb was played by Mitch Firth.



Seb Miller was born in 1985 to Anna Miller and Alan Fisher. Anna had an brief fling with Alan 9 months previous.


Memorable infoEdit


Father Alan Fisher

Mother Anna Miller

Grandfathers Donald Fisher

Grandmothers Barbara Fisher

Aunts/Uncles Bobby Marshall, Rebecca Nash, Byron Fisher (all half)

Great Uncles/Aunts Alf Stewart,

First Cousins Unknown Nash (half, they share a grandfather)